Here are links to websites that I use and recommend

1. Local Dorper Lamb – Dorrabee Dorper Stud –
Marina and Warren Wiggins offer wonderful quality local lamb that is raised in a stress free environment with organic farming principles with no hormones. They take pride in the premium quality of their meats and offer personalised service to suit your needs. I particularly like their bags of bones – to make my mineral rich broths and different types of minces incorporating some of the nutrient dense organs such as heart and liver mix with shoulder or leg. The Dorrabee Stud farm is in the beautiful Northern Rivers and the Wiggins family offer a warm, friendly and dedicated service.

2. Five Sixty Farms –
I finally found someone as in love with leafy greens as me 🙂 . Pepe Fassos is a passionate farmer specialising in microgreens, lettuces and nutrient dense leafy greens. His produce is exceptional, you can really feel the love and dedication Pepe devotes to his farm. Young shoots of broccoli, mustard, mizen, red radish, purple radish, red Russian Kale…you name it, Pepe probably has it. These microgreens are a power house of nutrients, exploding with minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals that support detoxification. And do get me started on how yummy and fresh the bags of mix salad greens are, check it out for yourself.