About Therese Latta

Therese is a passionate Naturopathic Practitioner and Director of the Nightcap Natural Medicine clinic.

Therese is a qualified Metascan Practitioner and a university-trained Naturopath who utilises traditional Western Herbal Medicine coupled with modern scientifically validated supplements & functional testing.

Since finishing her Naturopathic degree, Therese has been working as a Naturopath in a busy local Apothecary (Herbal Dispensary). This has offered her the opportunity to gain experience in treating many health conditions from acute colds and flu’s to more chronic conditions such as thyroid & hormonal issues, autoimmunity, allergies, eczema, asthma, mental/emotional health, cardiovascular and digestive issues.

Therese is a mother of 2 who understands the importance of finding balance in a busy life. She will work with you to find the treatment plan that best suits you

jars of healthy herbs on a shelf

How Therese works:

Nutritional and herbal medicine are used to address illness and disharmony in the body. Therese has a broad range of experience in fields such as (but not limited to) digestive health, mental health, hormonal balance (both male and female), endocrine, cardiovascular, respiratory health, functional testing, chronic infection, and immune disorders.

We are all individuals, and we all respond differently to our food, lifestyle, medication and our environment. Therese feels that it is her job to help you discover the correct path that works best for you in helping you to reach your health goals.