Selenium: A Star Trace Mineral

Selenium: A Star Trace Mineral for Bones and more! Selenium is a super star when it comes to being an awesome antioxidant, supporting healthy thyroid, immune, inflammation and detoxification processes in the body.  In the right dose its anti-cancer and aids healthy bone formation. Selenium key roles Selenium dependent enzymes: Glutathione peroxidases – (5) – […]

Plastics on Your Plate?

Micro-plastics on the Menu The invention of plastic is turning out to be a health and environmental nightmare.  With the impact of endocrine disrupting chemicals found in soft plastics recking havoc with our hormones and detoxification systems; and the ubiquitous nature of plastics in our environment we need to pay attention to how we nourish […]

Gut Brain Connection

GUT BRAIN GUT CONNECTION Brain Fog, Cognitive Decline, Depression, Anxiety caused by Gut disorders or Brain injury causing Gut issues – all linked by inflammation and immune dysregulation. The health of your brain affects the health of your gut and the health of your gut affects the health your brain. Brain injury as simple as […]

Acid Alkaline Balance with Diet not Bicarbonate Supplements

Acid-alkaline balance in the body is fundamental to health. In fact it is the ‘soil’ in which optimal health grows or disease flourishes. Our cells and the amazing biochemical reactions that take place in our bodies work best in a slightly alkaline environment. The body tightly regulates blood pH (the measurement of acid-alkaline) between 7.35-7.45 […]

Love Your Liver

The liver, the organ of harmony, is ceaselessly filtering, nourishing, monitoring, metabolising, cleansing and storing nutrients for us all so that our whole body; all of our organ systems can flow with health.  It has such a huge role – receiving the first flush of nutrient rich or toxic rich blood from the digestive system. […]

Ketosis and metabolic flexibility

What is a ketogenic diet? The ketogenic diet in a nutshell (or fat-bomb) is a low carbohydrate, high fat (LCHF) and moderate protein diet. It is not a calorie restriction diet, but is very satiating so can naturally lead to less consumption if weight loss is important. It is a diet that changes your metabolism to […]

Reward system hacked!

The reward system is a term used to describe the release of the neurotransmitter Dopamine from the brain in response to certain stimuli or experience. Activating the reward system results in feelings of pleasure that can ultimately lead to addiction. The food industry (and a lot of other industries) intentionally manipulate our food to ensure […]